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Searching the Scriptures Class of Beth-El Baptist Church 2018

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The "Searching the Scriptures" class consists of taking one or more questions that are brought up in the class or from class members, church members, church listeners, books and others that address any aspect of the bible. This would include issues of scriptural authority, application, interpretation. The questions that are asked will be answered ONLY out of the bible.

Listening Live is available most Sundays at 3:30 pm PST. Remote participation via instant messaging is also available. Send email questions@bbcmh.org for more information.

Classes are in reverse date order from when they were given. This will enable you to find the newer classes easier

If you have questions, topics, scripture evaluation, or other ideas that you would like addressed please email questions@bbcmh.org

Messages are either in MP3 or in Real Audio format. Please let us know if you have difficulties with any of these files. You can download the RealOne player here if needed.

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    playsave07/08/2018How can I understand the letter to the church of Thyatira in Revelation (2:18-29)?
    playsave06/10/2018How can I understand Ezekiel's evaluation of Israel (39:17-29)?
    playsave06/03/2018How can I understand the letter to the church of Pergamos in Revelation (2:12-17)?
    playsave05/20/2018How can I understand Ezekiel's parable of burying bones (39:1-16)?
    playsave04/22/2018Is The Doctrine of Limited Atonement Biblical?
    playsave04/15/2018Was the crucifixion planned?
    playsave04/08/2018When did the Old Testament Jews know about eternal life?
    playsave03/11/2018How can I understand Ezekiel's parable of God's Wrath (38:17-23)?
    playsave03/04/2018How can I understand the letter to the church of Ephesus in Revelation (2:1-7)?
    playsave02/18/2018How can I understand Ezekiel's description of God's pursuits (38:10-16)?
    playsave02/11/2018How can I understand the vision of Christ in Revelation (1:9-20)?
    playsave02/04/2018How can I understand Ezekiel's prophesy against Gog and Magog (38:1-9)?
    playsave01/21/2018How can I understand the introduction to Revelation (1:1-8)?
    playsave01/14/2018How can I learn to pray according to God's will?
    playsave01/07/2018How can I understand Ezekiel's parable of the two sticks (37:15-28)?