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Searching the Scriptures Class of Beth-El Baptist Church 2007

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The "Searching the Scriptures" class consists of taking one or more questions that are brought up in the class or from class members, church members, church listeners, books and others that address any aspect of the bible. This would include issues of scriptural authority, application, interpretation. The questions that are asked will be answered ONLY out of the bible.

Listening Live is available most Sundays at 3:30 pm PST. Remote participation via instant messaging is also available. Send email questions@bbcmh.org for more information.

Classes are in reverse date order from when they were given. This will enable you to find the newer classes easier

If you have questions, topics, scripture evaluation, or other ideas that you would like addressed please email questions@bbcmh.org

Messages are either in MP3 or in Real Audio format. Please let us know if you have difficulties with any of these files. You can download the RealOne player here if needed.

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    playsave12/23/2007Reconciling man's freewill with God's sovereignty
    playsave12/16/2007Do we ask Jesus into our hearts or do we have to let God call us
    playsave12/09/2007Is Isaiah 9:6 a direct reference to the Trinity?
    playsave12/02/2007What is the difference between tempting and testing God?
    playsave11/18/2007Understanding Destruction, I Am He, and bodies of the deceased
    playsave11/11/2007What does redemption mean to me?
    playsave11/04/2007What do you mean by Jesus is the Son of God?
    playsave10/21/2007How often is the Old Testament specifically referred to in the New Testament?
    playsave10/07/2007Why do innocent children die?
    playsave09/23/2007Why will everyone stand before the judgment seat of Christ?
    playsave09/16/2007How important is it for churches to count attendance and congregational giving?
    playsave09/09/2007How can Jesus enter by the door and be the door?
    playsave09/02/2007What is the Book of Life?
    playsave08/19/2007What does Hebrews 10:29-31 have to do with eternal security?
    playsave08/12/2007What does Hebrews 6:4-8 have to do with eternal security?
    playsave08/05/2007Does God's illustration of the two sticks validate scriptures beyond the Old and New Testaments?
    playsave07/22/2007Are body piercings ok for a Christian?
    playsave07/15/2007Who or What is the Prince of Tyrus?
    playsave07/08/2007What are Spiritual Gifts?
    playsave07/01/2007Does God really love the sinner but hate the sin?
    playsave06/17/2007Is hell really located in the center of the earth?
    playsave06/10/2007What does Paul mean by 'all Israel shall be saved'?
    playsave06/03/2007Can a Christian lose his salvation?
    playsave05/20/2007What is the reason that Christians can have hope?
    playsave05/13/2007Can someone deceive himself regarding his salvation?
    playsave05/06/2007What is the 'abomination of desolation' in Matthew 24:15?
    playsave04/15/2007Who is the Man of Sin in 2 Thessalonians 2:3?
    playsave03/18/2007Open Session: Going to War. God as a consuming fire.
    playsave03/11/2007Open Session: All Israel shall be saved. Who killed Jesus? Bearing one anothers burdens.
    playsave03/04/2007Open Session: Man's greater works. Faith and Works. Death and hell.
    playsave02/18/2007What does it mean to have humility?
    playsave02/11/2007What does it mean to 'receive the things done in his body ... whether it be good or bad' in 2 Corinthians 5:10?
    playsave02/04/2007Are there different rewards in heaven?
    playsave01/21/2007Is it acceptable for the Christian to eat pork since the Law of Moses calls it unclean?
    playsave01/14/2007With so many religions claiming to have the only way to God, how can Christianity truly be the only way?
    playsave01/07/2007What is the difference between a wife and a concubine?