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Sermons From Beth-El Baptist Church 2018

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Numbered Sermons have been given by Pastor Gabriel Otero
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playsavewed_eveLatest Wednesday Prayer Message
Songssaveplaysave12/30/2018PGT0221MEphesians 2:8-16The Hope Of Christ
Songssaveplaysave12/23/2018PGT0220MMatthew 1:18-25Cantata/The Birth of Jesus Was
Songssaveplaysave12/16/2018PGT0219EMarriage: More Like Christ
Songssaveplaysave12/16/2018PGT0218MJohn 6:40-47The Way To Christ
Songssaveplaysave12/09/2018PGT0217ESaving And Investing
Songssaveplaysave12/09/2018PGT0216MRomans 1:16-22The Power Of Christ
Songssaveplaysave12/02/2018PGT0215EPower In Prayer
Songssaveplaysave12/02/2018PGT0214M1 Corinthians 15:1-8Why We Need Jesus
Songssaveplaysave11/25/2018PGT0213MPsalm 30:1-12The Object Of Thankfulness
Songssaveplaysave11/21/2018PGT0212E2 Thessalonians 2:13-17Bound To Give Thanks
Songssaveplaysave11/18/2018PGT0211EUnderstanding Morality
Songssaveplaysave11/18/2018PGT0210MColossians 3:12-17Rules By Thankfulness
Songssaveplaysave11/11/2018PGT0209EThe Function Of The Local Church
Songssaveplaysave11/11/2018PGT0208MPhilippians 4:4-8Pray With Thankfulness
Songssaveplaysave11/04/2018PGT0207EPraying For The Unsaved
Songssaveplaysave11/04/2018PGT0206MEphesians 5:15-21Forever Thankful
Songssaveplaysave10/28/2018PGT0205MJohn 14:21-27The Hope Of Reformation
Songssaveplaysave10/21/2018PGT0204E2 Thessalonians 2:10-17Hope In Truth
Songssaveplaysave10/21/2018PGT0203MMatthew 3:1-8The Path Of Reformation
Songssaveplaysave10/14/2018PGT0202EGalatians 5:1-6Hope Of Righteousness
Songssaveplaysave10/14/2018PGT0201MExodus 19:1-10Foundation For Reformation
Songssaveplaysave10/07/2018PGT0200MJoshua 1:1-9A Courageous Future
Songssaveplaysave09/30/2018PGT0199MActs 2:38-42Living In Fellowship
Songssaveplaysave09/23/2018PGT0198EPsalm 119:49-56Hope In God's Word
Songssaveplaysave09/23/2018BRY092318MIsaiah 45:11-22There Is Life In A Look
Songssaveplaysave09/16/2018PGT0197EPsalm 43:1-5Hope In Times Of Troubles
Songssaveplaysave09/16/2018PGT0196MMatthew 25:31-40Serve Christ By Serving Others
Songssaveplaysave09/09/2018PGT0195EPsalm 33:18-22Hope Of His Mercy
Songssaveplaysave09/09/2018PGT0194MGalatians 6:1-6Care as Christ Cared
Songssaveplaysave09/02/2018PGT0193EJob 14:7-15Hope Of The Resurrection
Songssaveplaysave09/02/2018PGT0192MEphesians 4:24-32Living To Forgive
Songssaveplaysave08/26/2018BRY082618M2 Kings 5:1-15Naaman The Leper!
Songssaveplaysave08/19/2018BLP081918E1 Peter 1:3-9The Genuineness Of Our Faith
Songssaveplaysave08/19/2018BRY081918M1 Samuel 30:1-20This Is David's Spoil
Songssaveplaysave08/12/2018PGT0191E2 Corinthians 4:14-18Trials In Perspective
Songssaveplaysave08/12/2018PGT0190M1 John 2:15-17What Does The World Have To Offer?
Songssaveplaysave08/05/2018PGT0189E1 Thessalonians 3:3-5Expect Trials In Life
Songssaveplaysave08/05/2018PGT0188MEphesians 4:11-16Who Do You Listen To?
Songssaveplaysave07/29/2018PGT0187MPsalm 73:1-13Dealing With Unfairness
Songssaveplaysave07/22/2018PGT0186E1 Peter 1:3-9Trials And Faith
Songssaveplaysave07/22/2018PGT0185MPsalm 42:1-4Living Your Greatest Longing
Songssaveplaysave07/15/2018PGT0184ERomans 5:1-6The Purpose Of Trials
Songssaveplaysave07/15/2018BRY071518MExodus 13:17-22Christ The Pillar!
Songssaveplaysave07/08/2018PGT0183ERuth 4:1-22Redemption Completed
Songssaveplaysave07/08/2018BRY070818M2 Thessalonians 2:13-17Comfort For Christians
Songssaveplaysave07/01/2018PGT0182ERuth 3:1-18In The Pursuit Of Rest
Songssaveplaysave07/01/2018PGT0181MRomans 8:1-10We Are Free Free At Last!
Songssaveplaysave06/24/2018PGT0180MColossians 3:1-7Living For Christ
Songssaveplaysave06/17/2018PGT0179M1 Timothy 1:1-11Faith Of The Fathers
Songssaveplaysave06/10/2018PGT0178ERuth 2:1-23God's Protective Hand
Songssaveplaysave06/10/2018BRY061018M2 Kings 6:8-23Open His Eyes That He May See
Songssaveplaysave06/03/2018PGT0177ERuth 1:1-22From Darkness To Light
Songssaveplaysave06/03/2018BRY060318MDaniel 6:6-17Thy God Will Deliver Thee
Songssaveplaysave05/27/2018MDL052718MNumbers 20:2-13A Desert With God
Songssaveplaysave05/26/2018DGO052618MMatthew 25:21Memorial For Dr. Gabriel Otero Pastor of Beth-El Baptist Church
Songssaveplaysave05/20/2018PGT0176EEzekiel 37:1-14Ezekiel: A Parable of Dry Bones
Songssaveplaysave05/20/2018PGT0175MRomans 12:9-19Living Christ's Character
Songssaveplaysave05/13/2018BRY051318MLuke 1:46-49Mary's Song!
Songssaveplaysave05/06/2018BLP050618E2 Corinthians 1The God of All Comfort
Songssaveplaysave05/06/2018BRY050618MExodus 14:1-15Stand Still and See the Salvation of The Lord
Songssaveplaysave04/29/2018BRY042918MIsaiah 6:1-8What Isaiah Saw!
Songssaveplaysave04/22/2018BLP042218EMark 9:1-134The Glorious Mountaintop Experience
Songssaveplaysave04/22/2018BRY042218MLuke 24:1-12Behold My Hands!
Songssaveplaysave04/15/2018BWP041518E2 Corinthians 5:14The Motivating Power of Christianity
Songssaveplaysave04/15/2018BRY041518MLuke 23:13-31Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me!
Songssaveplaysave04/08/2018PGT0174MPhilippians 3:1-11Life In Perspective
Songssaveplaysave04/01/2018PGT0173MLuke 24:1-7Were Reports Of His Death Exaggerated?
Songssaveplaysave03/25/2018BRY032518MMatthew 21:1-10Behold, Thy King Cometh Unto Thee
Songssaveplaysave03/18/2018BLP031818EMark 7:31-37The Deaf and Mute Man Made Able
Songssaveplaysave03/18/2018BRY031818MMatthew 27:33-43Looking At the Cross!
Songssaveplaysave03/11/2018BWP031118EPsalm 91:15How Does The Lord Help His People?
Songssaveplaysave03/11/2018PGT0172MJoshua 24:14-20Who Are You Going To Serve?
Songssaveplaysave03/04/2018BLP030418EMark 7:24-30The Gentile Woman's Persistence and Faith
Songssaveplaysave03/04/2018PGT0171MJohn 6:48-58Let Us Feast On The Lord
Songssaveplaysave02/25/20182499MProverbs 8:32-36Happiness
Songssaveplaysave02/18/2018BLP021818EMark 7:3-23Honoring The Lord With The Heart vs Tradition
Songssaveplaysave02/18/20182498MProverbs 7:1-4Enjoy Life!
Songssaveplaysave02/11/2018PGT0170EPsalm 137:1-9Things To Remember Things To Forget
Songssaveplaysave02/11/20182497MProverbs 6:12-19Seven Things The Lord Hates
Songssave02/04/2018BLP020418Mark 6:45-53Struggling in the Midst of the Sea? Be of Good Cheer!
Songssaveplaysave02/04/20182496MProverbs 5:1-23Lust or Love?
Songssaveplaysave01/28/20182495MProverbs 4:20-27Choose Life
Songssaveplaysave01/21/20182494MProverbs 3:1-6Having Faith
Songssave01/14/2018BLP011418Mark 6:14-19The Messsage of Repentance and the Two Hearts of Herod
Songssaveplaysave01/14/20182493MProverbs 2:1-11Being Wise ...
Songssaveplaysave01/13/2018PGT0225EIsaiah 45:18-23The Bible Alone Is True
Songssaveplaysave01/13/2018PGT0224MRomans 4:1-8Death By Works
Songssave01/07/2018BLP010718Mark 6:1-6Jesus Christ: The Prophet Not Accepted In His Own Country
Songssaveplaysave01/07/20182492MProverbs 1:1-7First Of All ...
Songssaveplaysave01/06/2018PGT0223EJude 1:1-8The Need For Apologetics
Songssaveplaysave01/06/2018PGT0222M1 Corinthians 11:23-29Lord's Supper Done Right
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