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Sermons From Beth-El Baptist Church 2017

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Numbered Sermons have been given by Pastor Gabriel Otero
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playsavewed_eveLatest Wednesday Prayer Message
Songssaveplaysave12/31/20172491M1 Thessalonians 4:13-18The Object of Christ Coming
Songssaveplaysave12/24/2017PGT0169MRomans 8:1-4Christ Came In The Flesh
Songssave12/17/2017BLP121717ELuke 2:7-11The Glorious Scene In The City Of David
Songssaveplaysave12/17/20172490MLuke 2:1-11The Challenge Of Christmas
Songssaveplaysave12/10/2017BLP121017EMark 5:35-43Do Not Be Afraid; Only Believe!
Songssaveplaysave12/10/20172489MTitus 2:11-15The Challenge Of Christ's Coming
Songssaveplaysave12/03/2017BLP120317EMark 5:27-34A CertainWoman's Faith In Christ
Songssaveplaysave12/03/20172488M1 Thessalonians 1:9-10The Coming Of Christ
Songssave11/26/2017PGT0168MColossians 3:1-17Living In Thankfulness
Songssaveplaysave11/22/2017BKS112217E1 Corinthians 2:1-7The Greatest Mystery Ever
Songssaveplaysave11/19/2017BLP111917EMark 5:18-20The Demoniac Becoming A Thankful Man
Songssaveplaysave11/19/20172487MColossians 3:16-4:1The Gospel In Depth
Songssaveplaysave11/12/2017BLP111217EMark 4:37-41Heart Comfort: Jesus Rebukes The Raging Storm
Songssaveplaysave11/12/20172486MColossians 1:21-29Christianity And You
Songssaveplaysave11/05/2017BLP110517EMark 4:26-32Kingdom Parables: The Church's Invisibility, Maturity, and Mission
Songssaveplaysave11/05/20172485MColossians 1:1-18The Mighty God
Songssaveplaysave10/29/2017BRY102917MMark 10:46-52And Jesus Stood Still
Songssaveplaysave10/22/2017BLP102217EMark 4:18-25The Accountability of Hearing the Word
Songssaveplaysave10/22/2017PGT0167MExodus 14:1-15When The Way Seems Imossible
Songssaveplaysave10/15/2017BLP101517EMark 4:14-20Hearing The Parable Of The Soils: Part 1
Songssaveplaysave10/15/2017BRY101517MLuke 11:14-26True And False Conversion
Songssaveplaysave10/08/2017BLP100817EMark 4:1-2Our Lord Jesus Christ Bringing His Word Through Parables
Songssaveplaysave10/08/20172484MJoshua 24:1-28It Is Time To Make Up Our Mind
Songssaveplaysave10/01/20172483MJoshua 1:1-9Walking Forward!
Songssaveplaysave9/24/20172482MHebrews 11:32-40The Believer's Faith
Songssaveplaysave9/17/2017BLP091717EMark 3:24-27Jesus Christ: Spoiling The Enemy's Plans, Kingdom and House
Songssaveplaysave9/17/20172481MHebrews 11:23-28Moses' Faith
Songssaveplaysave9/10/2017BLP091017EMark 3:13-19Jesus' Sovereignty and Heart in Delegation
Songssaveplaysave9/10/2017MFL091017MMatthew 16:18Jesus Is Building His Church
Songssaveplaysave9/3/2017BWP090317E1 Thessalonians 5:1-28Now That You're Saved
Songssaveplaysave9/3/2017PGT0166M2 Kings 2:1-13He Found The Book
Songssaveplaysave8/27/20172480MJohn 4:1-15Gime Me This Water!
Songssaveplaysave8/20/2017BLP082017EMark 3:10-13Jesus' Sovereignty, Authority and Strategy in His Daily Ministry
Songssaveplaysave8/20/20172479MJohn 3:1-11You Must Be Born Again
Songssaveplaysave8/13/2017BLP081317EMark 2:23-28Jesus Christ: The Merciful Lord of the Sabbath
Songssaveplaysave8/13/20172478MJohn 9:1-11Born Blind From Birth
Songssaveplaysave8/06/2017BLP080617EMark 2:18-22Fasting and Jesus Answering Those Stalled On The Bridge Of Faith
Songssaveplaysave8/06/20172477MMark 5:20-31Who Touched Me?
Songssaveplaysave7/30/20172476MActs 9:1-6How To Know The Will Of God
Songssaveplaysave7/23/2017BLP072317EMark 2:15-17Jesus Christ: The Beautiful Friend Of Sinners
Songssaveplaysave7/23/20172475MEphesians 5:18How To Be Sure We Walk The Walk
Songssaveplaysave7/16/2017BLP071617EMark 2:1-12Breaking Through By Prayer, Faith, And Persistence
Songssaveplaysave7/16/20172474MPsalm 51:1-15How To Come Back When You Are Down
Songssaveplaysave7/09/2017BLP070917EMark 1:40-42Jesus Christ: The Compassionate Healer
Songssaveplaysave7/09/20172473MJohn 10:27-29How To Be Sure You Have Eternal Life
Songssaveplaysave7/02/2017BLP070217EMark 1:16-27The Remarkable Authority of Jesus Christ
Songssaveplaysave7/02/20172472MPsalm 33:12How To Make America Great Again
Songssaveplaysave6/25/20172471MActs 9:1-16Can God Really Use My Life?
Songssaveplaysave6/18/2017PGT0165MDeuteronomy 6:1-9A Father's Responsibility
Songssaveplaysave6/11/2017BLP061117EMark 1:9-15Jesus: The Anointed Minister Of The Gospel
Songssaveplaysave6/11/20172470M2 Timothy 1:12Can God Really Keep You Saved?
Songssaveplaysave6/04/2017BLP060417EMark 1:4-8The Amazing Life and Purpose of John The Baptist
Songssaveplaysave6/04/20172469MJohn 3:16-17Can God Really Save Your Soul?
Songssaveplaysave5/28/20172468MExodus 12:1-14Believer's Memorial Day
Songssaveplaysave5/21/2017BLP052117EMark 1:1-3The Beginning Of The Gospel of Mark
Songssaveplaysave5/21/20172467MHebrews 12:1-2Personal Day
Songssaveplaysave5/14/20172466MProverbs 31:1-31God's Description of Godly Womanhood
Songssaveplaysave5/07/2017BRY050717MNumbers 21:4-9The Brazen Serpent
Songssaveplaysave4/30/2017PGT0164MMatthew 18:21-35Call To Forgiveness
Songssaveplaysave4/23/2017BLP042317EPhilippians 4:11-13Content and Strengthened by Christ Alone
Songssaveplaysave4/23/2017BRY042317MJohn 1:35-49Come And See!
Songssaveplaysave4/16/20172465M1 Corinthians 15:20-22Many Infallible Proofs
Songssaveplaysave4/09/2017BLP040917EPhilippians 4:8-9In All Things: Christ
Songssaveplaysave4/09/20172464MMark 11:1-10Palm Sunday With Jesus
Songssaveplaysave4/02/2017BLP040217EPhilippians 4:6-7The Trifold Request and Supreme Peace of Jesus Christ
Songssaveplaysave4/02/20172463MHebrews 10:1-18Jesus Christ - The Perfect Sacrifice
Songssaveplaysave3/26/20172462MAmos 5:4-6Pursuing God
Songssaveplaysave3/19/20172461ERomans 8:5-13The Differences Of The Spirit Life
Songssaveplaysave3/19/20172460MDeuteronomy 10:12-13Loving God
Songssaveplaysave3/12/2017BLP031217EPhilippians 4:1-5Stand Fast, Rejoice, and Be Gentle in Christ Alone
Songssaveplaysave3/12/20172459MColossians 3:17Magnifying God
Songssaveplaysave3/05/2017BLP030517EPhilippians 3:17-21Our Glorious Citizenship In Heaven
Songssaveplaysave3/05/20172458MHebrews 11:1-6Having Faith In God
Songssaveplaysave2/26/20172457MJoshua 6:1-21Overcoming Our Walled Cities
Songssaveplaysave2/19/20172456ERomans 8:1-4Experiencing New Life In The Spirit
Songssaveplaysave2/19/20172455MJoshua 3:1-6Getting Past Your Jordan
Songssaveplaysave2/12/2017BLP021217EPhilippians 3:12-14Pressing Toward The Goal and Upward Call: Jesus Christ
Songssaveplaysave2/12/20172454MJoshua 2:1-24Not The Girl She Used To Be
Songssaveplaysave2/5/2017BLP020517EPhilippians 3:7-11Knowning Jesus Christ Through Faith
Songssaveplaysave2/05/20172453MJoshua 1:1-18This Land is Our Land
Songssaveplaysave1/29/2017PGT0163MMalachi 4:1-6Turn Your Heart
Songssaveplaysave1/22/20172452ERomans 7:14-25Paul's Spiritual Autobiography: Part 2
Songssaveplaysave1/22/20172451MEphesians 6:1-4Growing Up Together
Songssaveplaysave1/15/20172450ERomans 7:7-13Paul's Spiritual Autobiography: Part 1
Songssaveplaysave1/15/20172449MDeuteronomy 6:1-9Parenting By The Book
Songssaveplaysave1/8/2017BLP010817EPhilippians 3:1-8Rejoicing In Christ Jesus Alone!
Songssaveplaysave1/8/20172448MGenesis 2:18-25A Firm Foundation
Songssaveplaysave1/1/20172447MMatthew 19:1-6One Plus One Equals One