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Sermons From Beth-El Baptist Church 2015

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Numbered Sermons have been given by Pastor Gabriel Otero
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playsavewed_eveLatest Wednesday Prayer Message
Songssaveplaysave12/27/20152381M1 Corinthians 13:1-13What Matters Most
Songssaveplaysave12/20/20152380MMatthew 1:18-25Jesus' Name
Songssaveplaysave12/13/2015PGT0154EEzekiel 36:1-15Ezekiel: God Has The Last Word
Songssaveplaysave12/13/20152379MMark 1:14-15Jesus' Message
Songssaveplaysave12/06/2015BLP120615EGalatians 4:1-7Revovering From False Teachers
Songssaveplaysave12/06/20152378MMatthew 1:1-17Five Women In The Lord's Family Tree
Songssaveplaysave11/29/20152377MRevelation 22:17An Invitation To Conversion
Songssaveplaysave11/25/2015PGT112515TPsalm 30:1-12A Life of Thankfulness
Songssaveplaysave11/22/2015PGT0153EEzekiel 35:1-15Ezekiel: Sibling Rivalry Gone Bad
Songssaveplaysave11/22/20152376MIsaiah 55:1-3An Invitation To Contentment
Songssaveplaysave11/15/2015BLP111515EIsaiah 40:28-31Strength Of Christ
Songssaveplaysave11/15/20152375MIsaiah 1:1-18Come - Let Us Reason Together
Songssaveplaysave11/08/2015PGT0152EEzekiel 34:1-31Ezekiel: A Warning For Shepherds
Songssaveplaysave11/08/20152374MNumbers 10:29-32Come With Us!
Songssaveplaysave11/01/2015BLP110115EJames 2:1-5Partiality
Songssaveplaysave11/01/20152373MGenesis 7:1-16Come!
Songssaveplaysave10/25/2015PGT0151MActs 20:25-35Watch And Remember
Songssaveplaysave10/18/2015BLP101815E1 Kings 21:1-7Insanity Of Coveteousness
Songssaveplaysave10/18/2015BRY101815MIsaiah 40:1-8Where Comfort Is Found!
Songssaveplaysave10/11/20152372EGenesis 50:15-26God Meant It For Good
Songssaveplaysave10/11/20152371MRomans 1:8-15What Every Christian Should Be
Songssaveplaysave10/04/20152370MPsalm 46:1-11The Church: A City Of Refuge
Songssaveplaysave09/27/20152369MGenesis 18:1-33The Three Sides Of Abraham's Heart Of Faith
Songssave09/20/20152368EGenesis 41From The Prison To The Palace
Songssave09/20/20152367MGenesis 12:1-7Living A Life Of Faith
Songssaveplaysave09/13/20152366EGenesis 40Forgotten But Not Forsaken
Songssaveplaysave09/13/20152365MGenesis 11:27-12:3The Call To A Life Of Faith
Songssaveplaysave09/06/20152364EGenesis 39The Power of a Faithful Life
Songssaveplaysave09/06/20152363MLuke 1:26-38Behold The Lamb Prepared
Songssaveplaysave08/30/20152362MHebrews 10:22-25Rethinking Our Priorities
Songssaveplaysave08/23/20152361EGenesis 37:36-39:6The Lors Was With Joseph
Songssaveplaysave08/23/20152360MMatthew 13:47-52So It Will Be At The End
Songssaveplaysave08/16/20152359EGenesis 37:12-35A Heartbreak Of A Shattered Dream
Songssaveplaysave08/16/20152358MMatthew 13:45-46Pictures From a Pearl
Songssaveplaysave08/09/20152357EGenesis 37:1-11Joseph's Individuality
Songssaveplaysave08/09/20152356MMatthew 13:44Let Me Tell You A Secret!
Songssaveplaysave08/02/20152355EGenesis 30:22-24God Meant It For Good
Songssaveplaysave08/02/20152354MGenesis 3:1-21Behold The Lamb Promised
Songssaveplaysave07/26/20152353MMatthew 13:33What Kind of Leaven Are We?
Songssaveplaysave07/19/20152351MMatthew 13:31-32Are We Growing?
Songssaveplaysave07/17/20152352EJohn 1:29Metaphores of Christ
Songssaveplaysave07/12/20152350EMatthew 1:18-21The Humanity of Christ
Songssaveplaysave07/12/20152349MMatthew 13:24-30The Kingdom Counterfeit
Songssaveplaysave07/05/20152348EJohn 10:30Jesus' Deity
Songssaveplaysave07/05/20152347MPsalm 44America: The Dreamland Of The World
Songssaveplaysave06/28/20152346MEsther 4:1-14For Such A Time as This
Songssaveplaysave06/21/20152345MEphesians 5:21-6:4Godly Manhood
Songssaveplaysave06/14/20152344EColossians 1:10Knowing God
Songssaveplaysave06/14/20152343MMatthew 13:1-9Christ's Kingdom Established
Songssaveplaysave06/07/20152342EHebrews 11:1Having Faith in God
Songssaveplaysave06/07/2015PDL060715MLuke 18:9-14Mindfully Religious or Mercifully Redeemed
Songssaveplaysave05/31/20152341MJohn 6:1-14Nothing Is Impossible with God
Songssaveplaysave05/24/20152340ERomans 12:1-2How to Know the Will of God
Songssaveplaysave05/24/20152339MJohn 9:1-11When Blindness Meets The Light
Songssaveplaysave05/17/20152338EIsaiah 40:28Creator
Songssaveplaysave05/17/20152337MJohn 2:1-11Christ and the Events of Life
Songssaveplaysave05/10/20152336MProverbs 31Mothers Day
Songssaveplaysave05/03/2015BLP050315EJohn 6:47-51The Bread Of Life
Songssaveplaysave05/03/2015PGT0150M2 Corinthians 12:1-10Embraching The Thorns of Life
Songssave04/26/2015BRY042615ELuke 8:43-48Somebody Touched Me!
Songssaveplaysave04/19/2015BRY041915EExodus 33:12-23Moses' Prayer
Songssaveplaysave04/19/2015BLP041915EEphesians 4:11-15Speaking The Truth In Love
Songssave04/12/2015MGA041315EMissionary Report
Songssaveplaysave04/12/20152335EGenesis 1Evolution
Songssave04/12/2015MGA041315M2 Corinthians 3:17-4:6A Look In The Mirror
Songssaveplaysave04/05/20152334MJohn 11:20-27The Resurrection And The Life
Songssaveplaysave03/29/20152333MJohn 12:12-19Christianity And Palm Sunday
Songssaveplaysave03/22/20152332EHebrews 9:5-12Mercy Seat
Songssaveplaysave03/22/20152331MHebrews 12:1-5Christianity And Depression
Songssaveplaysave03/15/20152330EHebrews 4:16Mercy
Songssaveplaysave03/15/20152329M2 Thessalonians 3:6-13Christianity And Your Work
Songssaveplaysave03/08/20152328ELuke 22:19Memorials
Songssaveplaysave03/08/20152327MEphesians 4:15-20Christianity And Your Time
Songssaveplaysave03/01/20152326EMatthew 13:33Leaven
Songssaveplaysave03/01/20152325MProverbs 22:1-6Christianity And Your School
Songssaveplaysave02/22/20152324MPsalm 127Christianity And Your Home
Songssaveplaysave02/15/20152323EProverbs 18:9Laziness
Songssaveplaysave02/15/20152322MMatthew 16:13-20Christianity And Your Church
Songssaveplaysave02/08/20152321EGalatians 5:23Gentleness
Songssaveplaysave02/08/20152320M1 Corinthians 13:1Christianity And Your Love
Songssaveplaysave02/01/20152319EGalatians 3:28-29Gentile - Non Jews
Songssaveplaysave02/01/20152318MRomans 10:11-21Christianity And Your Faith
Songssaveplaysave01/25/20152317MJames 4:13-17Christianity And Your Life
Songssaveplaysave01/18/20152316ERevelation 1:10The Lord's Day
Songssaveplaysave01/18/20152315MColossians 1:21-29Christianity And Yout
Songssaveplaysave01/11/2015BLP011115EPsalm 46:1-11Be Still And Know That I Am God
Songssaveplaysave01/11/2015BRY011115MMatthew 2:1-15Where Are The Wise Men?
Songssaveplaysave01/04/20152314EGenesis 2:24Marriage
Songssaveplaysave01/04/20152313MPhilippians 3:12-16The New Start