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Sermons From Beth-El Baptist Church 2011

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Numbered Sermons have been given by Pastor Gabriel Otero
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playsavewed_eveLatest Wednesday Prayer Message
Songssaveplaysave12/25/20112133MIsaiah 11:1-6A Portrait of Christ
Songssaveplaysave12/18/2011CTA121811EThe Name of Jesus
Songssaveplaysave12/18/20112132MHebrews 1:1-4What Child Is This?
Songssaveplaysave12/11/20112131EIsaiah 28:1-28What is Your Current Relationship With God?
Songssaveplaysave12/11/20112130MMark 1:9-15Jesus Came
Songssaveplaysave12/04/20112129EIsaiah 27:1-13The Fruitfull Vineyard!
Songssaveplaysave12/04/20112128MJohn 1:1-5Who Is Jesus?
Songssaveplaysave11/27/20112127MEphesians 4:1-6The Oneness of Christianity
Songssaveplaysave11/23/2011PGT0095T1 Thessalonians 5:18Always Give Thanks!
Songssaveplaysave11/20/2011BCM112011ETrust and Obey
Songssaveplaysave11/20/2011PGT0094MDeuteronomy 16:13-17The Feast of Tabernacles : Entering God's Rest
Songssaveplaysave11/13/20112126EIsaiah 26:1-7Learning to Trust in God's Protection
Songssaveplaysave11/13/20112125MLeviticus 5:1-6:2Restoration
Songssaveplaysave11/06/20112124EIsaiah 25:1-12God's Seven Step Plan For The World
Songssaveplaysave11/06/20112123MLeviticus 4:1-12A Way Out of Our Shortcoming
Songssaveplaysave10/30/20112122MLeviticus 3:1-17The Peace of God
Songssaveplaysave10/23/20112121EIsaiah 24:1-23God's Universal Judgment
Songssaveplaysave10/23/20112120MLeviticus 2:1-16A Prototype to Follow
Songssaveplaysave10/16/20112119EIsaiah 23:1-18A Picture of the Coming Judgment and Grace
Songssaveplaysave10/16/20112118MLeviticus 1:1-17An Atonement
Songssaveplaysave10/09/20112117EIsaiah 22:1-25A Picture of the Coming Judgment and Grace
Songssaveplaysave10/09/20112116MLeviticus 20:26Life's Purpose Depicted
Songssaveplaysave10/02/2011MJA100211MHebrews 9:14Cosmic Interference
Songssaveplaysave09/25/2011PGT0093MDeuteronomy 16:9-12The Feast of Weeks: Provision For Life
Songssaveplaysave09/18/2011BCM091811ECan You be Good for Goodness Sake?
Songssaveplaysave09/18/2011PGT0092MDeuteronomy 16:1-8The Feast of Passover: Escape from Bondage
Songssaveplaysave09/11/2011MCK091111ENehemiah 1:1-8A Need to Pray
Songssaveplaysave09/11/20112115M1 Timothy 4:1-85BX Spiritual Fitness Plan
Songssaveplaysave09/04/2011PGT0091EGenesis 4:1-12My Brother's Keeper
Songssaveplaysave09/04/20112114MMatthew 16:15Christ: Who is He?
Songssaveplaysave08/28/20112113MProverbs 11:1-31Counsel for The Young
Songssaveplaysave08/21/20112112EIsaiah 19:1-20:6Be Careful in Choosing Friends
Songssaveplaysave08/21/20112111MProverbs 8:32-36Counsel for A Happy Life
Songssaveplaysave08/14/20112110EIsaiah 18:1-7Protection From God
Songssaveplaysave08/14/20112109MProverbs 7:15-27Counsel for Balanced Living
Songssaveplaysave08/07/20112108EIsaiah 17:1-14Teaching Respect for God
Songssaveplaysave08/07/20112107MProverbs 7:1-14Counsel for Better Living
Songssaveplaysave07/31/20112106MExodus 25:31-40The Tabernacle: The Golden Lampstand
Songssaveplaysave07/24/20112105EIsaiah 15:1-16:14The Church and the World Cannot Be Mixed!
Songssaveplaysave07/24/20112104MExodus 25:10-11The Tabernacle: The Ark of the Covenant: Life Principle #1
Songssaveplaysave07/17/20112103EIsaiah 14:12-27Satan Can't Win
Songssaveplaysave07/17/20112102MExodus 27:1-8The Tabernacle: The Brazen Altar
Songssaveplaysave07/10/20112101EIsaiah 13The Day of the Lord
Songssaveplaysave07/10/20112100MExodus 40:33-38The Tabernacle: The Indispensable Glory of God
Songssaveplaysave07/03/20112099EIsaiah 12Worshiping the Lord
Songssaveplaysave07/03/20112098MPsalm 33:1-12One Nation Under God ...?
Songssave06/26/20112097MExodus 25:1-9The Tabernacle: Its Purpose
Songssaveplaysave06/19/20112096EIsaiah 11The Vision of the Coming King and His Kingdom
Songssaveplaysave06/19/20112095M1 Samuel 13:13-14A Man After God's Own Heart
Songssaveplaysave06/12/2011PGT0090EPsalm 22:1-31When God Is Silent
Songssave06/12/2011MFL061211MPhilippians 3:20A Missionary Colony
Songssaveplaysave06/05/20112094EIsaiah 10:5-34What Secularized Christians May Expect From the Lord
playsave06/05/20112093MExodus 25:1-9The Tabernacle: A Place of Worship
Songssaveplaysave05/29/20112092M2 Thessalonians 3:16-18God Bless America
playsave05/22/2011DCH052211EDick & Charlotte House Gospel Music
Songssaveplaysave05/22/20112091M2 Thessalonians 3:6-15Tough Love
Songssaveplaysave05/15/20112090EIsaiah 9:8-10:4Four Things That Make God Angry
Songssaveplaysave05/15/20112089M2 Thessalonians 3:1-5A Prayer Request - A Prayer Rendered
Songssaveplaysave05/08/20112088EIsaiah 8:1-9:7Deliverance Through God's Presence
Songssaveplaysave05/08/20112087MDeuteronomy 5:16Mother's Day
Songssaveplaysave05/01/20112086EIsaiah 7:1-25Immanuel
Songssaveplaysave05/01/20112085M2 Thessalonians 2:13-17Obtaining the Glory of God
Songssaveplaysave04/24/20112084M1 Corinthians 15:1-10The Resurrection According to Scripture
Songssaveplaysave04/17/20112083EIsaiah 6:1-13Personal Conviction
Songssaveplaysave04/17/20112082MLuke 19:28-40On the Road to Calvary
Songssaveplaysave04/10/20112081EIsaiah 5:1-7What Does the Lord Expect From Us?
Songssaveplaysave04/10/20112080M2 Thessalonians 2:3-12The Man of Sin
Songssaveplaysave04/03/2011PGT0089EPsalm 51:1-19When Nathan Steps In
Songssaveplaysave04/03/2011BRY040311MLuke 9:1-175000 For Dinner
Songssaveplaysave03/27/2011PGT0088MLuke 8:40-48The Touch of Jesus
Songssaveplaysave03/20/20112079EIsaiah 3:1-4:6The Coming Utopia
Songssaveplaysave03/20/20112078M2 Thessalonians 2:1-3There Is A Falling Away Coming
Songssaveplaysave03/06/20112075EIsaiah 1:1-20An Earnest Call to Repentance
Songssaveplaysave03/06/20112074M2 Thessalonians 1:3-7Holding Up Under Hard Times
Songssaveplaysave02/27/20112073MEzekiel 33:1-10How Should We Then Live?
Songssaveplaysave02/20/2011BWP022011EActs 3:6What Made the Difference In the Cripple?
Songssaveplaysave02/20/20112072MHebrews 12:1Tread Mill Talks
Songssaveplaysave02/13/2011BCM021311EPsalm 119A Valentine To God
Songssaveplaysave02/13/20112071M1 John 3:11-19Love One Another
Songssaveplaysave02/06/2011BKS020611EJohn 3:1-9Being Born Again
Songssaveplaysave02/06/20112070MPsalm 139:13-16What Do We Christians Know About Life?
Songssaveplaysave01/30/20112069M1 Thessalonians 5:1-28Pastoral Advice
Songssaveplaysave01/23/2011BLO012311E2 Corinthians 4:8-9Knocked Down But Not Knocked Out
Songssaveplaysave01/23/20112068M1 Thessalonians 4:1-18Personal Counsel
Songssaveplaysave01/16/20112067M1 Thessalonians 3:1-13Corporate Counsel
Songssaveplaysave01/09/20112066ERevelation 22Revelation: The Conclusion of The Book
Songssaveplaysave01/09/20112065M1 Thessalonians 2:1-20Reflections
Songssaveplaysave01/02/20112064ERevelation 21Revelation: A Bright New World
Songssaveplaysave01/02/20112063M1 Thessalonians 1:1-10Commendations