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Sermons From Beth-El Baptist Church 2003

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Numbered Sermons have been given by Pastor Gabriel Otero
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playsavewed_eveLatest Wednesday Prayer Message
playsave12/28/20031580M2 Corinthians 4:7-18Transformed By Trouble
playsave12/21/2003CTA122103EKodak Moments in the life of Jesus
playsave12/21/20031579MActs 4:1-13Transformed By Christ
playsave12/14/2003MSN121403EEzekial 3:4-15(Sam Neblack) Missionary Preparation And Consolation
playsave12/14/20031578MActs 20:28-38Transformed By Truth
playsave12/07/2003BGT120703EEphesians 1:17-19The Hope of the Christian
playsave12/07/2003PJV120703MMatthew 2:1-12The True Meaning of Christmas
playsave11/30/20031577MEcclesiastes 3:1-11Made To Last Forever
playsave11/26/2003DGO112603E2 Samuel 22:50A Heart of Thanksgiving
playsave11/23/2003BGT112303EMark 9:38-48Overcoming Self Righteousness
playsave11/23/20031576MPsalm 92:1-15Things to be Thankful For
playsave11/22/2003DGO112203MBrother Fred Vitola - Memorial Service
playsave11/16/2003BGT111603ENumbers 11:4-10Overcoming Complaining
playsave11/16/2003BRY111603MGenesis 22:1-14Sacrifice of Isaac
playsave11/09/2003BGT110903E1 Kings 19:1-10Overcoming Despair
playsave11/09/20031575MIsaiah 44:1-6You Are Not an Accident
playsave11/02/2003OMU110203EOmega-Usa - Assistance to Philippines
playsave11/02/20031574MColossians 1:13-20It all Starts with God
playsave10/26/20031573MGenesis 5:21-249What Does it Mean to Walk With God?
playsave10/19/2003BRY101903E2 Kings 17:24-41Guest Speaker:
playsave10/19/20031572MPhilippians 1:12-19The Marks of a Mature Witness
playsave10/12/2003BRY101203EGuest Speaker:
playsave10/12/20031571MPhilippians 1:3-11The Marks of a Mature Believer
playsave10/05/20031570MMatthew 28:18-20Reaching the Lost
playsave09/28/2003PJV092803MJohn 17:1-26God The Son: Jesus
playsave09/21/2003BGT092103E2 Corinthians 5:1-9Christ in Marriage
playsave09/21/2003PJV092103MMatthew 6:9-15God The Father: Almighty
playsave09/14/2003BGT091403EProverbs 31:10-31Wives in Marriage
playsave09/14/20031569MJohn 1:36-41Remembering Christ in Prophecy
playsave09/07/2003BGT090703EEphesians 5:22-33Husbands in Marriage
playsave09/07/20031568MHebrews 1:1-8Remembering Christ as God
playsave08/31/20031567MGenesis 15:1-6The Work of God: His Promise
playsave08/24/20031566MGenesis 14:17-24The Work of God: His Providence
playsave08/17/20031565MGenesis 14:1-16The Work of God: His Power
playsave08/10/20031564MGenesis 13:5-8The Work of God: His Counsel
playsave08/03/20031563MGenesis 12:10-13:4The Work of God: His Mercy
playsave07/27/20031562MPhilippians 1:1-6Having Confidence in God
playsave07/20/20031560MPsalm 55:1-17Dealing with Severe Difficulties
playsave07/13/20031559EPsalm 106:37Demons
playsave07/13/20031558MGenesis 11:27-12:9Summons From God
playsave07/06/20031557ERevelation 12:7Evil Angels
playsave07/06/20031556MPsalm 33:1-12One Nation Under God
playsave06/29/20031555MJoshua 4-5Living by Grace
playsave06/22/20031554EHumans to whom Good Angels Appeared
playsave06/22/20031553MJoshua 3:7-17Sanctified by Grace
playsave06/15/20031552EAngels: The Status of Good Angels
playsave06/15/20031551MJoshua 24:1-15What a Father Should Be
playsave06/08/20031550EAngels: The Organization of Good Angels
playsave06/08/20031549MJoshua 2:1-18Rescued by Grace
playsave06/01/20031548EAngels: The Quality of Good Angels
playsave06/01/20031547MJoshua 1:1-9Protected by Grace
playsave05/25/20031546MExodus 12:1-14Believer's Memorial Day
playsave05/18/20031545EAngels: The Nature of Good Angels
playsave05/18/20031544MPsalm 14The Gospel According to Fools
playsave05/11/20031543EAngels: The Work of Some Good Angels
playsave05/11/20031542M1 Samuel 1The Gospel According to Hannah
playsave05/04/20031541EAngels: The Name of Some Good Angels
playsave05/04/20031540M1 Corinthians 15:1-7The Gospel According to Christ
playsave04/27/20031539MPsalm 3God Cares
playsave04/20/20031538M1 Corinthians 15:1-19Christ Rose from the Dead
playsave04/13/2003CTA041303EEaster Cantata - He Will Arise
playsave04/13/20031537MMark 11:1-11God Is Able
playsave04/06/2003BGT040603EEphesians 4:11-13Edify the Brethren
playsave04/06/20031536MLuke 19:11-13I Will Come Again
playsave03/30/20031535MEcclesiastes 2Eat
playsave03/23/2003BRY032303ELooking Unto Jesus
playsave03/23/20031534MEcclesiastes 1Is Life Worth Living
playsave03/16/2003TCM031603ETean Challenge Mission
playsave03/16/20031533MRevelation 3:14-22The Apostate Church
playsave03/09/2003MDR030903EMissionary Report:
playsave03/09/20031532MRevelation 3:7-13The Church Christ Loved
playsave03/02/2003BGT030203EEphesians 3:13-19The Love of Christ
playsave03/02/20031531MRevelation 3:1-6The Dead Church
playsave02/23/20031530MRevelation 2:18-29The Pagan Church
playsave02/16/2003MGA021603EMissionary Report: Missionary Giovanni Avendauo
playsave02/16/20031529MRevelation 2:12-17The Indulged Church
playsave02/09/20031528EAngels: The Reality of Angels(2)
playsave02/09/20031527MRevelation 2:8-11Do Not Surrender
playsave02/02/20031526E2 Peter 2:4Angels: The Reality of Angels
playsave02/02/20031525MRevelation 2:1-7Weary in Well Doing
playsave01/26/20031524MDeuteronomy 6:4-9The Battle for Education
playsave01/19/20031523EChrist In the Old Testament - Summary
playsave01/19/20031522MPsalm 139:13-16The Battle for your Life
playsave01/12/20031521EMalachiChrist: The Sun of Righteousness
playsave01/12/20031520M1 Corinthians 6:9-11The Battle for Normalcy
playsave01/05/20031519EZechariahChrist: The Power of God
playsave01/05/20031518MEphesians 6:10-20The Battle for Your Mind